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and presented a bright red tourmaline
's Day of 2012, sales improved significantly, tourmaline and opal stone (commonly known as opal) became the Guangzhou market jewelry upstart,hollister uk. , Tourmaline and opal jewelry in the auction market in the recent transaction price of a new high record. Christie's Hong Kong auction in an interview, the reporter found the opal stone, tourmaline auction times compared with 2010 growth. Market in Guangzhou, tourmaline and opal sales and prices rise steadily tourmaline superior. Market PK: tourmaline two-year price rise nearly 2 times before Valentine ordinary tourmaline pendant price has reached 2,air jordan,000 to 5,000 yuan, and the color is good, quality, prices from 5000 to 8000. This price is higher than the beginning of 2011 by 50%, 1.5 to 2 times higher than in early 2010. Jewelry counter in the Tianhe District, Guangzhou in jewelry business, the The Tourmaline transaction flow showed a rapid growth trend, the market in 2012 more than 100% higher than in 2011. In contrast,hollister, the opal price growth is relatively healthy. Opal retail price in 2012, comparing to the same period in 2011 to rise by 30%, nearly 1-fold higher than in early 2010. Guangzhou market, the price of ordinary Opal is about one-third to one-fourth of tourmaline prices, the black opal price is 1-2 times higher than ordinary tourmaline. Reporter visited the Guangzhou Liwan Plaza near the jewelry retail stores, and found that tourmaline product prices of the past two years showed a rapid rise in the state than the price in early 2010, an average gain of more than one times basic and emerald price increases the speed flush, while sapphire price increases the speed is faster than the red. Which tourmaline fastest increase in the prices of more than 3 carat weight,hollister. Reporter interview of Christie's Hong Kong auction,abercrombie deutschland, found blue opal stone, tourmaline auction compared with times of growth in 2010, including a 20.15 kt oval black opal ring sold for HK $ 300,000, 43.56 kt pincushion the tourmaline ring transaction price of HK $ 150,000. The value of PK: tourmaline look at the color opal change color according to the Imperial elegant emerald jewelry appraisers Songai Bin said, colors and permeability is the most important factor to measure the value of tourmaline. The most expensive two colors: red tourmaline, red the more vibrant the higher grade; red and green tourmaline, green, the more vivid the more valuable. Color is also a measure of the important factors of Opal,hollister, change color effect is the more important indicator of value,abercrombie outlet. Among the five colors Opal,hollister milano, the the fire opal highest value of the flame color, followed by black opal, white,air jordan pas cher, white, blue opal prices not far off. More color change regularly, the higher the degree of Ambilight, Opal is generally more valuable. Gem knowledge tourmaline: commonly known as tourmaline, the main ingredient is Boroaluminosilicate electromagnetic a gem, a total red, green, purple, 14 colors, mainly grown in Brazil and Sri Lanka,hollister online shop, China's Xinjiang and Yunnan produced . Opal: silica composites consisting of amorphous non-crystalline gem,hollister uk, White Opal commonly known as opal. Currently, 95% of opal mine in Australia. Identification Guide bright red tourmaline the fake true Opal need Ambilight tourmaline worth double, counterfeiting has become more rampant. Natural tourmaline with a lot of low-grade jade similar in appearance, the best choice of instrument identification. But some obvious frauds can distinguish by the naked eye. Most natural tourmaline colors are rendered meat red or purple, bright red by a small number, belonging to the best; outcry in a million or less, and presented a bright red tourmaline, is likely to be dyed products,hollister france. Compared with tourmaline, identify Opal is relatively easy, the real Opal Ambilight, rotate on sunlight, its color and glow will certainly be followed by rotation, "streamer" It is one of the important features of Opal . In nature, so obvious "streamer" gem tourmaline, only the cat's eye,hollister, cat's eye price is higher than the tourmaline, not someone with a cat's eye posing tourmaline. Large counterfeiters opal on the market generally only two forms, or for resin synthesis products, or products for the stitching, the two products can not do "Ambilight", is rotated, are killed off.

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